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Evolutionary life cycle of code development

Agile development

We want our people and customers to have the best and proven knowledge and capability when it comes to tech, so they can build amazing tech products. Our Teach and Coaching teams support in making this a reality.

We have built an experience that covers a full breadth of practices and behaviours spanning across multiple learning channels to aid continuous learning. We cover software, SCRUM, Kanban, CI/CD and DevOps. This helps both our people and clients stay ahead in tech.

Analyse skills and experience gaps

We create and deliver courses across agile, technical, digital and professional practices. These are an interactive mix of knowledge, activities and real life development to reinforce the learning experience. We can do it in tandem with our teams working on 'proof of concepts', working directly with your teams creating real life prototypes of usable products. The insight from this is shared in pocathons, blogs, meet-ups and conferences.


The blurby bit

We are realists and know the constraints within large enterprises when it comes to delivering software in a pure agile way. Therefore, we focus on a pragmatic approach that can be flexed to deliver software for your business and your customers within your organisational constraints, while at the same time on the journey to a more Agile business.

The people who deliver our upskilling workshops are all experienced agile, technical, digital and professional delivery practitioners, this means that in addition to excellent training they can bring the subject to life with real world examples and ‘tales from the trenches’.

Contact us to talk tech

If you want to talk agile, tech or want to sound off then contact us on 0800 689 1376