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Planning in the agile world

What does a agile sprint look like?

week times sprints with backlog defined by weekly Kanban update with product.

in the scrum world; sometimes it appears as though the sprints and workstream are disruptive. They provide no real chance of governance and there is an expectation that work load run(s) all the way to expectation date of projects. This is unacceptable. Daily stand-up needs to include PAST PRESENT FUTURE and BLOCKERS. There needs to be a strong look back at the boards in your work flow management system (AzureDevops, Jira etc)to make sure people are working through the correct work items.

Retrospectives and planning sessions should be over 2 days; preferable the former in the afternoon and the latter in the morning. This is to stop people switching off.

We need to define a 6month, 12 month and 18month tech roadmap as well as a well-defined business roadmap. This is to provide clarity on deliverables as well as allow employees to visualize any end goal we have.

The use of ‘3 Amigos’ change request paradigm should be re-iterated and re-enforced. Outcome based decisions are the preferred output from these discussions and we should not be putting JIRAs into queue until all the acceptance criteria have been set.

Things to note and mention are:

  • Acceptance criteria should be set for every issue or work item in workstream
  • Tasks can be created to clarify specific work to be done during the development of the story. There is no limit on granularity, but we don’t want to suffer from JIRA sprawl
  • Additional stories may be created if more requirements are identified or requirements become more complex. JIRAs can be converted into an epic and broken down into multiple stories if it appears that the original story is too large or complicated
  • The developer should understand the story ready to start development. They should also provide real-term estimates. No fudging of dates as this breeds unacceptable habits
  • The tester should understand the story ready to start on a test case. The test case should be on a shared platform such as JIRA and be accessible by the any team member so we can confirm the synergy between the AT and the test case
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